Searching for client by address

Is it possible to search for a clients address in any way? I need to find a previous quote but only have the clients street name as reference. Help is much appreciated!

Hi @leoneacme

I’m afraid searching by address isn’t possible. You can search by name and email address if these have been recorded for the client. Just click ‘Advanced Search’ and use the options that appear:

Alternatively, if you have a backup of your account, you can use the Client_ledger file which contains all the address details in there. However, these would be the details against that client rather than for the invoice.

Thanks for your help.

I have a client who has defo used me in the past. I am trying to find her but i’m guessing she’s married or using a different name. I am trying to find her by email address but a can not find this advanced search button please help?

Hello @FunkyPunky

The interface has been updated since the last reply.

Go to Sales > View Clients > Search

This will allow you to search by email

Whilst searching by email address which allows to enter a partial email address there is the Postcode search, but that is limited to the exact postcode stored…this could be better if partial postcode entries also gave search results…Search clients by partial postcode