Searching invoices by tag

I have tagged my invoices to show where the income was from e.g. childminding, cleaning, sale of crocheted items etc. I would like to search my invoices by the tag, so I can see what I have earned from childminding, as I can claim a percentage of this as wear and tear for my seld assessment. I am asking in preparation for doing my 2014-15 self-assessment. Is there a way of doing this that I am missing?


You should be able to do it this way. From the main dashboard, click on Projects on the left menu:

Click ‘View Details’ next to the relevant tag:

You’ll get a summary at the top, but you can also drill down using the Profit and Loss:

From here, you can also view income and expenditure for this tag for selected dates :smile:

Hope this helps!

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Fab! Thank you. I knew there was a way of doing it :smile:


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