Segmented P&L Report - View current financial year

I use like using the segmental PL, though i often export it to excel and delete the months i dont need, and re-calculate the YTD column. Is there a way to only see the pl by month but only for the current financial year, ( e,g Apr, May, June, Total).


Hi @Steven_Veljanovski

There is an option to view it for the financial year from the dropdown:

mine, only shows years when using that option,

where as all I want to see is the Apr - Jun by month and a total column, not showing July either.

Hi @Steven_Veljanovski,

From the segmented view there isn’t a way to limit the months you see. If you go to the P&L report you can select a date range this may help?

is there another way i can see the monthly phasing and the current financial year YTD?
is it possible if creating a new report?

Hi @Steven_Veljanovski

Not at this I’m afraid, but we can certainly consider adding this in the future. You may wish to start a #feature request for this, and we’ll track the interest in it going forward.

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