Select a new accountant option for new quotation

Hi, I a trying to see if there is an option to get a new quotation for company accounts each year?
Whilst I am happy to use somebody that has offered good services in the past and continue to support them if all is well. If my business changes or they are not offering the services I need I would like the option to get new quotations.

I do not seem to be able to see this as an option. I am unsure if it is because the current accountant is still linked as a team member or if the service is not available if it has already been used for the initial quotation and service.


Hi, yes, when you are connected to an accountant this service is not shown in your account.
Have a look here

Hi @mathew,

Further to the above, if you would like to remove the affinity link on your QuickFile account you can do this by going to Account Settings >> Company Settings and then Team Management

You should then see the option to remove user:


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