Selection of titles for estimates/invoices

Dear helpers,

happily I use the estimate and invoice templates for my customers. Since I do give my products out on approval before selling them, I would need to have an additional template called “approval”.

Is it possible to create a custom template with the same features (cost of items, possibility to be transformed in an invoice) simply with a different title?

Many thanks,

Hi @philip_ihle

Unfortunately the title of ‘Invoice’ or ‘Estimate’ can only be set once. However, I’m happy to convert this to a feature request if you wish?

Thank you for your reply!

What does this mean, converting this to a “feature request”?

I’ve changed the category of your post to ‘Feature’ so other users who are interested in this feature can comment and add their vote too

If there’s enough interest, we’ll take a closer look into adding this :slight_smile:


Let’s hope some more users will vote for it!