Self-billed invoices, remittance and invoice from supplier

Hi, I am a self-employed courier/multi-drop driver, working for/contracting to DPD.
I’m new to Quickfile and am unsure of how to transfer the information that gets created every 4 weeks on the DPD portal and put it in the correct places.

The problem I have is that all the invoicing is done for me from what I earn in a four-week period, self-billed, they then have their invoice to deduct from my earnings, for the vehicle I lease and the diesel I have used, along with any excess mileage that I have done in the van. And then the remittance is created showing me what I am owed (which has been a negative amount for the past few months due to personal reasons)

I can access this information through the online portal which I can download, but only in PDF format.
How and where do I need to transfer this information to in Quickfile?

Any help would be appreciated, as I can’t get my head around it properly.



Hello Paul

In this scenario what I would do is create a holding account in your bank window.

  • Record the charges as a purchase invoice and pay it using the holding account

  • Record a sales invoice for your wages (if there are any) and pay it using the holding account

  • Record a money In/Out transaction for the balance on the holding account and transfer it to your current account which would be the wages less expenses

Your accounts would look something like the example below

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