Self billing: can I provide electronic copies of invoices to my supplier?

We work on behalf of 000s of artists who sell their products through our ecommerce site. QuickFile produces self-billed invoices from each artist who has made sales in the particular month, which also carry (as a credit) our charge for the service we provide for this facility. This system works fine for me.

One or two of them are VAT registered and their self-billed invoices include VAT. Inevitably they require copies of ‘their’ invoices for their own records. Is there a way of producing a copy of ‘their’ invoice electronically to send to them from QuickFile?

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I have no idea which question you are answering I only want to know how I can copy the invoices to send to her, if possible.

Sorry, i completely mis read your question, i thought it was about showing vat on the self billed invoice.

I believe you can only send an invoice, and not a purchase receipt, which i guess would be considered the self billed invoice, maybe someone else has a work around for you.


If i’m understanding correctly, all you would need to do is go into the invoice that you’ve created, click print which will bring it up as a pdf, you can then download and attach this as an email to send them.

Would this be what they require?

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Thank you Beth; exactly what I needed to know!


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