Send group messages to all clients?

Hi, was wondering if anyone knows if a group message can be sent out to a large number of my saved clients. Many thanks

Hi @fraser

There isn’t an option to do this within QuickFile. We try not to stray into this area too much as it would probably be better suited to a CRM rather than an accounting platform.

We do however have the option to send letters to your clients, or you could connect it up with the API. Have you considered Zapier at all? This could possibly give you access to software more suited for this functionality?

If you need help with Zapier or the API (or anything else QuickFile related for that matter), feel free to ask!

MailChimp is available via Zapier, it’s also free up to a certain limit.

I’ve used MailChimp in the past and it’s very good for newsletters and any kind of bulk mailing application. It does however get quite expensive once you’re North of 10,000 subscribers (from what I remember).

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