Sending Estimates - how can I remove the total from the email sent?

When sending an estimate to a customer they can be put off logging in because they can see the total amount straight away. I feel that clients need to log in to see an itemised breakdown. I would like this to be removed so it just says New Estimate created log in to see quote for example? Is it possible for me to remove this myself?

kind regards


Hi @ReynoldsTilers

If you’re looking just to amend the text sent in an email, you can certainly edit this yourself.

If you go to Account Settings >> Routine Emails, this will show you a list of the default email templates we use for your account. You can modify a specific template which you can then use going forward.

In your example of removing the total, you can just look for the tag that we use to specify this, which is @EstimateTotalAmount@:

Hope that helps!