Sending invoices by Snailmail

Hi - I recently set up several of my customers to receive invoices by snailmail. I also uploaded funds to cover the postage costs.

Today when I tried to resend an invoice by snailmail, the system flagged up a message that the invoice template I use is not suitable for sending snailmail invoices, but when I checked the notes on this particular customer, it shows that an invoice was posted to them 6 days ago.

Please can you clarify whether or not the selected invoices are being posted out, as there was no warning or error message when I selected the snailmail option.

Do I need to change my invoice template?

If you look in the event log for the invoice (under the preview) it will tell you if the request failed or was successful.

When you attempt to send any invoice by snail mail it will give you an overlay showing where the address should be. It’s still possible to send regardless, but if iMail can’t find the address in the correct position they will reject it and you would be notified on the main event log (usually 5 mins later).

I think only the standard template supports sending by snail mail.