Sending Invoices from Accounts other than General Sales

I am setting up on quickfile to prepare for making tax digital.

I can generate invoices which appear on the General Sales Account but I would like to issue invoices which also appear on a separate sales account.

How can I do this?

Click the little cog wheel icon at the right hand side of the “description” box in an invoice line, and it will expand to show you various additional options for the line, including which nominal code to assign it to.

If you want to generate a multi-line invoice with all the lines on the same code then the trick I’ve found is that if you create one line and assign it to the correct code, then “preview” the invoice, then go back to modify it, then subsequent lines will take on the same code as the first one you created - if you don’t do the preview->modify step then new lines will be general sales and you’ll have to switch each one individually.

Thanks very much for your prompt reply.

I will have a go at that.

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