Sending invoices to multiple recipients without registration


I am sending invoices copying three recipients within the same company. How do I make sure that they can all access them? Do they all have to register with Quickfile, set up passwords etc? Is there a way to avoid this?



You can add all recipients in the client screen with their emails (on the left of the client screen Add New Contact) and make sure you’ve ticked the box allowing you to attach pdf’s (click Modify Client Details button, then scroll to near the bottom of the screen and find check box for Allow PDF Attachments), then email the invoice to all who need to see it.

Hope that is helpful.

Thank you. This is helpful. If I have recurring invoices being emailed to three recipients at the same client, once I have ticked the Allow PDF Attachments box, will the automated invoice email that gets sent from Quickfile have the invoice as an attachment?

Hi @Kazik

Apologies for the delayed response, but just to confirm that I’ve given this a go, and the invoices would be sent as a PDF.

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