Sending letters or invoices direct by email

Hi, today i’ve been in touch with one of my clients who unusually hasn’t paid for 3 months, it works out that they cannot download attachments any more at their company as the policy has changed with regards to security of their systems.

So my question is, how difficult would it be to allow the sending of the letter or invoice…etc as you see it in the preview?

So i create a letter or whatever, click preview/send and i see the document as the client would see it if they downloaded the pdf, can we send that AS the letter…etc instead of a message with an attachment?


If you mean to view in the email client like you see it on screen it would be near impossible. The CSS would get completely nuked and it would look horrible. Every email client sanitises the HTML in different ways so you’d never get a consistent appearance.

From day 1 we’ve always allowed users to preview the invoice from a link (one click), this is the way I would recommend for many reasons previously discussed.

Fair comment, i’ve created an HTML template that i can copy and paste the text in to for the particular client that is complaining so i can handle that this way.

Thanks for responding.