Sent invoices from Email not received by client

I am sending invoices direct from quickfile. Suddenly some clients are not receiving invoices even though it says ‘Success’ sending my end.
They have checked spam folders, main folders but they are not going through. I have checked for any blocked lists and it is all clear.
Please help as this is really effecting my business.

Hi @Frosty17

Thank you for highlighting this. Have you noticed this happening with any particular email provider? For example hotmail or gmail.

Many Thanks

Sending via the Quickfile server or through your own server with SMTP

SMTP is usually more reliable but emails wtih embedded links seem to be getting blocked more frequently these days.

As Sian says you need to verify which email providers are involved. Small business using essentially domestic email providers are more likely to get business emails blocked.

It seems quite random. One is a .GOV organisation and I tried sending it about 15 times. Also changed browser but no difference. They were on the phone whilst I attempted yesterday and nothing was getting to them.I ended up DL a PDF and emailing myself from my email which they have now received.
Another link had no problem for about six months and now she has also said that they are not being received.
Very confusing.
PS thanks for coming in on this topic.
Best wishes,
PS I will check if there is a link to email provider

Yes thanks FolkLondon I will check email recipients.

Yes they are business email addresses ie

Don’t know if that will help

My impression is that one of the major anti spam services has produced a new, far more agressive, algorithm.

With big organsiations the spam is probably filtered before it reaches the desktop. They will need to get their tech support to class you as a “safe sender”.

Ah, OK. That could well help. Thank you.

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