Separate Estimates and Quotes

Currently it is possible to use customisation to choose between creating Estimates or Quotes, however, I regularly send both and it is important to distinguish between the two - If I am selling hardware or software this will be a fixed price quote, whereas if I am providing indicative costs for cabling, I would not be able to provide a fixed price without, for instance, undertaking an asbestos survey. It seems to me that the easiest way to achieve this would be to have some form of ‘fixed price’ tick box on the estimate screen, with two wording customisation fields.

Hi @Mark_Manning

As you rightfully say, we don’t support both at the moment. But we can leave this thread open for other users to add their vote for this feature.

The difficulty I foresee with this however, is on the client’s side of things. If they can login, they will see an option with the same label as you set, meaning that all estimates/quotes will appear under the same heading there anyway.

I too would find this option useful.

We are a construction firm, and the ability to provide distinct quotes and estimates is really important to us. Has any progress been made in adding this to the development schedule?

Hi @CarolynV,

If you are interested in this feature then there is an option to vote for it at the top of the thread. When a feature is under consideration then it will be moved to a slightly different category to show this.