Set Recurring Invoice Due Date to End of Month?

Is there a way to set up Recurring Invoice to be due on a certain day.
E.x. I send recurring Invoice on 1st of each month and would like it to be due on last of the month.
Since we have 28,29,30,31 days in a month I can not use Payable Within box.
thank you

We added this functionality recently for one-off invoices thus allowing the due date to be set as “End of Month” or “End of Month + 1”.

You can also apply this rule to recurring invoices by ensuring that the default term for the client is set accordingly. You can see these options in the client settings screen.

Now when the recurring invoice is created it will always refer to the client defaults to check if EOM or EOM+1 is set before applying the default term saved on the template.

Thank you Glean,
does that mean that in the recurring invoices set-up page it does not matter what is the “Payable within” number?

It only matters if you don’t have end-of-month configured on the client default settings. End-of-month always supersedes the setting on the recurring template. It’s not clear I know, we will look to improve the documentation here.

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