Setting up MTD VAT

Hi, I’ve joined Quickfile as I will need to start using MTD for VAT. I’ve entered my invoices for the past year and used the VAT report to check the returns QuickFile would create (all match my manual submissions which is excellent).

I’ve now registered for MTD and received my welcome email.

I’ve linked my company by going into VAT settings (/secure/reports/VatReturns/settings.aspx) and enabled the Online Filing and Use MTD Pilot features, this then asked me to login at HMRC and my company is now showing in the HMRC Account dropdown. So all seems well.

However if I now go to “Create New VAT Return” it puts up a “Connecting to HMRC” dialogue and then quickly jumps to “We were unable to obtain a list of VAT obligations from HMRC. Please retry later.”

My VAT is up to date and the next filing isn’t due until end March but obviously I need to be sure that it works before then. I’d assumed I’d be able to pull down a history of VAT payment?

Am I missing something?

Thanks in advance

You seem to be doing everything right.

I just pulled up the error log for your account and we’re getting a response “No data can be found”.

When did you initiate the enrollment with HMRC onto the MTD scheme? I’ve seen cases were this has taken 3 working days to fully resolve, after which the obligation periods start to appear.

The enrollment initiation was 2 days ago and the confirmation email about 2 hours ago… Is it just a case of waiting. I’m unsure what I’m expecting as I’ve got VAT reports for the previous 4 quarters in quickfile but these weren’t MTD, so I was thinking that MTD link would only be for anything post enrollment. It’s all a bit murky!

Hi @eglons

MTD would take effect on all returns from the date of confirmation. It can take a few days for it to become active from the point HMRC confirms it, so it may still be “pending”, and it may be worth trying again in a day or two.

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