Setting up PayPal to allow customers to pay

Hi, Ive set up PayPal, I was expecting my customers to have a way of paying via PayPal but this seems not to be the case.

Any Ideas what I am doing wrong?


Hi @Gavin_Bonser

We offer 2 types of PayPal integration:

  1. PayPal Feed - This pulls in your recent transactions, setup by using the Activate Feed option on the bank statement view
  2. Pay with PayPal - This allows customers to pay with PayPal when they view their account. This can be set up by going to Account Settings >> Manage Payment Options

I suspect you’ve set up the feed at the moment, is that right?

No, i’m not interested in the feed option at this point, All i need to do is give customers the option to click and pay via paypal/card. Ive done what you state in number 2 but doesn’t seem to be working, I,ve gone into my customers invoice and resent it since activating paypal, Thansk

Ok, thanks for confirming.

So when the user clicks their link to view the invoice, and clicks ‘Pay Online’, are they seeing the option to pay with PayPal?

If you impersonate the client and do the same, do you see that option?

Apparently not, but as hes not far from me (5 doors down), i’m going to pop down and see what hes doing.

I’ll send you a private message too, to get a few more details from you. Please look for a green notification in the top right corner