Settling Invoice across currencies

Hi, I have a fiddly problem here. I have an invoice in USD that was paid with a Transferwise card. It has taken some of the payment from the USD account and some from the EUR account.
The USD element has been allocated to the invoice leaving the balance unpaid. I have put the EUR payment against the supplier account. So I now have a EUR prepayment on the supplier account that I can’t allocate to the invoice. If it is was GBP I could log the payment directly and tidy the bank account but it won’t let me log EUR against the invoice as I guess this involves 3 currencies.
Any advice would be great thanks.

Hi @ukprop

Unfortunately there isn’t a way to allocate a payment from 2 different currencies, unless one of them is GBP.

The first thing to do is to disconnect the EUR payment from your supplier. This may mean deleting the payment completely, but I would check on the bank account in the first instance to see if you can just untag it.

Once that’s done, tag it as a transfer to a GBP bank account. If this is likely to be a regular occurrence, it may be worth setting up a dummy holding account, otherwise, using something like a DLA account should be fine.

You can either create a “Money Out” transaction in the holding account/DLA to the USD bank account to complete the transfer, or if you go to the invoice, you can tag it as paid from the GBP bank account.

The overall net effect should be the same however.

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