Share invoice links of client Invoices with a coworker


I was wondering if there is a way to share the sales invoice link/s, with coworkers.

This would be to only collect payments or view (not amend) the invoice. i didn’t want to give access to the QF, as other informations could easily be edited

Hi there,

You can grab the same link the client uses by clicking the send button on the invoice, the slide out panel will reveal a direct preview link:

One option that may also work is if you create a new user on your account (Account Settings >> Team Management) and then restrict their privileges to just “Log sales payments/credits”.

Thanks thats works great,
would there be an update as in features enabled for co-workers (submenues for further control)

Excellent, thanks for letting us know.

You’re welcome to propose a new feature (just post as a separate feature request). We already have the ability to set privileges so if you’d like to see some way of extending this please provide as much detail as you can and we will consider your proposal.

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