Shopify & Amazon & Fulfilment connected to my Quickfile

Hi there,

I have the following questions:

  1. how can get linked to my shopify shop and to update the stock, orders and invoices

  2. similar for Amazon

  3. also want to get linked to my fulfilment company to track and update stock in Quickfile.

Is this possible to link with API or whatever? I am not an expert but I know that other accounting software can provide this and I hope Quickfile as well.

Thank you very much for your support here.


Hi Mike,

I’ll try my best to help you:

Shopify can link to QuickFile through Zapier. This would require a Power User Subscription on QuickFile’s end, and I believe you need a premium Zapier account (although I’d recommend checking this out with Zapier directly).

There’s no way at the moment to connect Amazon to QuickFile. However, if you have access to an API with Amazon, then the QuickFile API could help achieve what you’re looking for.

Again, if you have access to an API on their end, you should be able to have something coded to link the two.

I hope that helps

Hi there,

thanks for your quick support

No problem at all! :slightly_smiling:

If you need any help with the API, then please feel free to post a new topic and we’ll try our best to help.

If you need to find a developer to help develop along side the API, you’re welcome to post in the ‘Marketplace’ category on the forums

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Hi there,

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