Should I include VAT on purchases? I'm not VAT registered

Hi, I’m relatively new to QuickFile and would like some advice. I’m entering purchase invoices into the system but note that the system is not adding the VAT amount automatically nor is it allowing me to enter it manually.

I am not VAT registered, but I am concerned that if I don’t include the full value of the purchase invoice then the payment amounts going out from my bank account will always be at odds with the value in the QuickFile system.

Should I enter the value incl VAT?

Please advise.


Hi Maria,

Welcome to QuickFile.

If you’re not VAT registered, you would just enter the total line value including VAT. So, if you purchase something for £10.00 net, with £2 VAT, you would enter £12.00 as the line total.

That way everything should add up at the end too :slight_smile:


Thank you for the clarification!

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