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Show Account info not reference

The openbanking feeds are providing transactions with their reference information only. Is it possible to show account information instead or as well.
ie the account name of the payor for incoming transactions

I think it is not possible. I asked this question before and I believe, most of the banks don’t provide the name in their feed, was the answer. Also, one of the problem they foresee with this is that the bank statement reference is used as a means to detect duplicate entries. With a different references there’s the risk that duplicates may appear in the bank if an overlapping statement is uploaded. Also if you have a different descriptions / reference it can make reconciliation with the original statement more difficult.

Hi @Krakastan

Most banks don’t provide additional information about the sender, so what we generally import is what’s available (which is what would typically be shown on your bank statement).

Are there any particular accounts you’ve seen this happen with elsewhere?

This seems strange to me - al li am hoping for is the account name of the sender.
All i am getting is the reference they put in, so i often do not know who it is from

If a coach provides 3 lessons on the same day to three people,
and 2 pay with the reference “coaching”,
how to know who has paid and who has not?

(without checking the statement which defeats the object…)

As advised, they can only show what the feed provides.

Does your bank give details of the sender on your bank statements?

If the answer is yes, then you could disable the feed and just upload bank statements.

However you would need to alter the csv file and merge both the description and the sender columns so quickfile could capture both within the transaction description field.

Where have you seen this? would be good to add it in. What bank have you seen this with and hwere? would be interested in trying out other tools that could help

Emma - a mobile ob app delivers payor/payee name from monzo and other banks so it is possible.
But if not offered by quickfile a shame but so be it.

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