Show all untagged bank entries

If there was a button on the dashboard to go to the Suspense (Untagged transactions) account to check what is waiting to be tagged, this would be easier to keep an eye on and would also be easier to navigate. Hopefully with a (no.) of untagged transactions awaiting tagging.

You can view untagged transactions.

If you go to the bank account you want to check, and click the red ‘untagged’ segment of the pie chart, it will only show untagged transactions:

To view what’s pending overall, if you go to your chart of accounts:

Scroll down to 9998 the suspense account, and click the magnify glass:

This will then list all the transactions there:

However, you can’t tag from this view - only see the entries, and create a new journal

It’s not a bad idea having a report to show untagged entries across all accounts. We have something like this for the year-end checklist. We could then link to this from the dashboard.

I’ve asked for this to be reviewed.

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This is not quite what you originally asked for but we have now incorporated the number of untagged entries per bank account in the bank management area. It should make zeroing in on untagged items and reducing the 9998 balance much easier.

tidy work again, looks sweet

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