Show client email and phone number on invoice


I have recently started to use QuickFile for a scout centre I volunteer at. We process hand written booking forms and use these to generate a client account from which we invoice for courses that we run.

Is it possible for invoices to show the clients email address and phone number?

Thanks for any help.

Hi @Gavin_Phillips

Welcome to QuickFile!

It’s not possible to show the clients email and phone number unfortunately.

This isn’t something I recall being brought up before, so I’d be interested in knowing the use case for this?

Yes, I would also appreciate at least phone number on invoices, too - simply because we use invoices as a job descriptions, too - so for staff leaving office with printed invoice (= work description) is very handy to have a phone number if they will need to contact the customer.


As LPMM says above, it would be a similar situation. I save off the invoices as they are generated to a shared box account, these are then picked up by other volunteers at our centre (volunteer staff are based across the UK). If there are any queries for a booking by any member of staff, the invoice would have all the data.

Since posting, I have come up with a work around.

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