Show Exchange Rate for bank transactions

As we know QF allows foreign currency denominated bank accounts

When a report is shown of the transactions that have ben tagged to the appropriate nominal the values are in UKP

Is there any way the underlying currency amount can be seen? Ideally the rate used too


Hi @Vistaro

I’ve moved this to a #feature request, and we’ll keep an eye on interest here.

At the moment, the exchange rate can be viewed in a few different ways:

  • On invoices (for the invoice values)
  • On payments (attached to invoices)

Thanks, if a transaction in a USD denominated bank account is tagged and you are reviewing a report from the nominal ledger (which will be in UKP) how can I easily see the USD amount - especially an issue where a client in the US is reviewing the report without having system access

Hi @Vistaro

Can I just clarify what you mean by “client” please? Typically, a client (as in, someone you’ve issued a sales invoice to) would only need the invoice and the statement.

Apologies, client in my world is one of our employees - in this case one working in the US who wants to see his numbers in USD so they mean more to him, basically I do weekly calls with the team in each country and although we report in UKP at board level a user in another country often struggles to think in any other currency but their own - especially when its Tanzanian Shillings :-).

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