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Show Item Name On Purchase Order

Feature request:

Would it be possible to add the feature to show the item name on purchase orders as well as the item description.

In our case the item name is the item code, we have lots of items that have very similar descriptions so when ordering we would also like to be able to show the item code as well to save any confusion.

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Hi @march1972

Thank you for your suggestion.

Many of our features are developed through community feedback, so we’ll leave this thread open for others to add their comments too. If there’s enough interest, then we’re more than happy to take a closer look at this.

I would appreciate this feature too

I have just had a purchase order sent to me from someone using another accounting system and that had no item name/part numbers so it was difficult to follow. I moaned a bit at this then realised I can’t do it in Quickfile either so after manually adding all my inventory items I can’t use PO’s.

Can this not be done with the Power User features in some way?

Not a direct issue for us but other business sectors that I have worked for in the past it would be essentiual.