Show Paid Date on Invoice next to amount Paid

Could you add the date when the payment was paid on the invoice.
i.e. Show the bank transaction dates next to the payments on the actual invoice.

If you had £500 invoice, and it was paid with two £250 01/02/2020 and £250 10/02/2020

Displaying those payments on the actual invoice.

Hi @Antony_Nicholas
Have you thought about entering these details in the footnote at the bottom of the invoice?

The log at the bottom of the invoice already shows this information.

Not a bad idea but extra work

I don’t have any votes left so can’t vote. Can I please I ask why we have limits on number of votes?
I believe its only 5.

I would like to add my vote to this feature.

I don’t need paid dates ot appear on the invoice often, but when I do, its a struggle.

It would be nice if somehow when saving a PDF of a partially paid or fully paid invoice, there is some indication of when it was paid.

Thank you

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Hi @Sameera

The votes are limited to prevent everyone voting for everything - it allows us to prioritise the features that are more in demand.

As features are implemented, the votes should become available again, so for example, if you have 5 votes in total, it’s not 5 votes in the lifetime, it’s 5 active votes.

Hope that helps.

Ditto…run out of voting rights…so no facility to add my agreement to such a feature.