Show Quickest Paying Clients

Is there a way to view the average time it takes a client to pay an invoice in full at all?
I thought there was something similar, but can’t find it, so either I’m being blind or it doesn’t exist!

It doesn’t exist. But it shouldn’t be hard to obtain and very useful to know. I’m going to put this forward as a feature request for now.

Just to let you know we’ve introduced an additional field on the client and supplier detail screens. This will show the “average time to pay”.

Putting this information in a sortable list is a bit harder as the backing calculations are too heavy when showing 50 records at a time. We may in the future look at caching the data so it can be displayed in a list but there’s a bit of work involved there.


Great news! Thank you for listening and implementing - great service once again :smile:
Looking forward to a sortable list of sorts (if and when possible), but this alone should help us a great deal!

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