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Show supplier reference in matched purchase records

I have a number of supplier who bill me recurring similar amounts each month.
I keep struggling to tag the correctly matched purchase record from my bank account because quickfile does not show the supplier reference in the list.
In this example I am trying to tag a payment and quickfile matches it to 2 purchases:

The supplier reference is shown in the statement line but i cannot easily tell which purchase this refers to. I am recording the supplier reference when i add the purchase into quickfile:

Please can the reference be dsiplayed in the list of matched purchases

This should be a simple and useful addition. I’ve marked this as “Planned” and we should have that updated within the next week.


Thanks! :grin:

This little change will make my accounting a lot easier and reduce the number of swear words that are emitted each time I do it (as I inevitably always pick the wrong one and then have to go back and waste time correcting it all)

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OK that’s good to hear!

The change should now be live, if you want to give it a go?

Could the same not be done for the receipt hub?
i.e. when tagging receipts my reference is the purchase order number to the supplier, as this resides in the purchase reference it does not show in the displayed matches.


@Rob Yes it certainly can. I’ve made a note on internal planner to get this included.

That’s great, yet another improvement!


Hi @Rob

Just to let you know, the supplier references should also now be visible in the Receipt Hub when matching to existing purchase invoices.

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Superb! thanks Glenn


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