Show total value of inventory items/tasks sold

Hi glen

I’m looking for a way to show reports of sales by task. Ie if a task I created is called ‘Web design’ can I view all sales totallling under this task

Don’t think there’s a way specifically of finding out how much income you have for a specific task or item, but there is a way to see how many you’ve invoiced for.

On the inventory / task screen (under Sales), you can do an advanced search and click ‘Show Quantity Used’

I suppose the only other way to find out exactly how much has been invoiced, you could set up a new sales nominal code and put them all there rather than ‘General Sales’?

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You could also use a project tag to report on each task?


Thanks Parker. That work great to see how many sales but would be greater if it totalled the sales amount.

Djccwl. Does the project tag work for all past items or do I need to create a project tag for each new task.

Just tested the project tag. Great for single task (project tagged) itemed invoices but when multiple tasks entered and multiple project tagged to match the task, it totals the whole invoice for all tasks in each project tag. Is there not an easier way to report the task? Using a custom report code?

We may well implement some report like you suggest in future but it’s likely that we will stop short of full stock control, i.e. stock level reporting, adjustments, delivery notes etc.

For now I’m going to convert your post into a “feature request”. What we can possibly look into is adding an additional tick box within the advanced search to show product values for a given date range.