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Showing more information on the account heading?


I was wondering if there is anyway to show more entry information for each account?

For instance, when I rectify my accounts I have to click on each green tagged entry to bring up either the invoice/Credit note reference (#QF0000). It would be a lot easier if it was listed on the top with the date, supplier and amount

Similarly it would be handy having a symbol to say that entry has a jpeg receipt attached so you don’t have to keep going into the invoice to see it tagged at the bottom of the invoice.

I’ve attached a jpeg of the area I’m on about.



Sorry reconcile…not rectify!..That’s only when the Taxman visits.

But it doesn’t have a receipt attached, the invoice that it refers to has a receipt attached. I think you are more likely to add confusion to what is actually linked to what if you start adding these references in unrelated parts of the system.

And to add to what Lurch says, what about a payment that’s split across two different purchases, one with an attachment and the other without…?