Silverfin - Integration for Accountants

My accountants are using SilverFin - - Following another sizable annual fee from them, I’ve just learned that they manually viewed every purchase transaction / invoice I’ve uploaded in QF as they said they have to re-enter certain data into their SilverFin system - this is crazy! I see there is a xero integration (which they recommend) - are there any plans for a QF integration? Thanks -

Hello @redfox

We have no plans at present to integrate with SilverFin

I have changed the tag on this post to a feature request so other users can vote on it and we can gauge the response.

Until/unless QuickFile or SilverFin builds an integration, your accountants should export and import the data instead of manually viewing and re-entering it.

If you do a backup (I have mine automatically emailed to me regularly - follow these instructions), then when you unzip that file you get these individual lists:
QuickFile backup

They should be able to use these to import what they need into their separate bookkeeping software.

Alternatively, you could look into using something like Zapier or Make (formerly Integromat) to update SilverFin every time you update QuickFile, so that you can get some of the benefits of SilverFin. That only really applies if the accountants will talk to you more than once a year, though.

Hi Sara and redfox
unfortunately, Zapier and Make don’t provide an app for Silverfin.

Thanks, I spotted that. That’s why I said something like Zapier or Make.

@QFSteve thanks for the reply and tagging correctly :slight_smile:

@SaraJayne Thanks for the advice - yes I also have the backups automatically emailed to me - I’ll take a look at these and try forwarding them to my accountants. I have 4-5 instances of QF for different businesses, so if this can be automated it can save a great deal of time (and cost) -