Site Address needed on invoices

Some of our clients have multiple sites that we work on and would like the site address indicated on each invoice. We still need the invoice address for the mailing. I tried adding it as text after the invoice address to be something like:

Invoice Address

Site Address:


but the PDF version put all of it together without any spaces which looks terrible. Is there any way of adding a site address to invoices easily?

Something’s gone very wonky with your CSS styling. The problem I see here is how you’re including the site address in the invoice, you’re basically appending it the client’s address. The system will automatically close any empty lines here as it doesn’t expect two addressed to appear in that space.

Have you considered just including this address in the invoice notes section or the item description field? You could just enter it as a new line on the invoice with an amount set to zero. Keeping it where it is at the moment will cause some nasty CSS spacing issues.

Yes I noticed that and took it out. I’ve put it in the notes section for now which may be ok but it would be a nice feature to be able to link multiple site or delivery addresses to one client.


I agree with the idea.

I suggest the possibility of including a box for the address where the work is done (it should appear in the “all invoices” to facilitate the search for invoices). This would facilitate those who work in different places for the same agency/contractor/customer. Thanks.