SMTP error

Hi I am trying to set up SMTP but keep getting the following error

Failure Sending Mail
Unable to connect to remote server

I have tried using port 25, 485 and 587 without any joy, anyone had this issue and resolved it?

Hi @Pini_Tailor

If you don’t mind me asking, who is your email provider?

I am using crazydomains

For regular email setups with Crazy Domains (that is, not using an exchange server), they list the below:

Setting Value
Outgoing Server Use (replace with your own domain name)
Username Your full e-mail address
Password Your e-mail account password
Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP) Port 465
SMTP Authentication Required

Is this what you’re using at the moment?


Yes, this is what I have been trying, I have tried ports 25 and 587 as well as ticking and unticking SSL but no luck. Also asked crazy domains and so far they can’t see any issues.

We simply connect through SMTP using the provided settings, but if these are failing it’s more often than not on the mail provider’s side.

I will however send you a private message shortly to take a quick look at your account.

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