SMTP route not working and cannot reset to default

I tries to use the change smtp feature to route outbound e-mails though my own domain. I was sent a verification code which was accepted but since then no team member notifications have got through.

Concerned that the smtp routing was not working for some reason, I deleted the smtp settings so that e-mail goes out through quickfile. I was not sent a verification message for that - possibly because quickfile may have been trying to send this out through the fun functioning smtp route and the system is still not sending out team member notifications - even those created after I reset the smtp settings.

Please can you look at this - I suspect that the system is trying to send me a change acceptance code which I cannot see because the smtp route is not working.

Your help would be appreciated

Mike Bruce

Looking at your account (******0198) there doesn’t appear to be any SMTP details any longer. You mention "no team member notifications have got through". Where exactly are you in the system? I’m not sure exactly which notifications you are referring to?

Well, whatever was blocking things seems to have cleared.

I will try again though with the SMTP settings that route things through my own domain.

This call can be closed however. Many thanks for the customary very prompt replies

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