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SMTP Settings - error on save still saves incorrect settings

Again this seems to be related to just the order things are done behind the scenes. I have just been adding some SMTP settings, for whatever reason STARTTLS does not work so to confirm all other settings were correct I saved details with that box unchecked, all saved and activated fine.

Using exactly the same details I saved again with the STARTTLS box checked, and was shown the error. At this point there was nothing to suggest that these settings had been saved, and why would they as there was an error returned? However, upon navigating away from the page and coming back to it I get asked to enter the activation code you just emailed me, but obviously I am not going to receive it as you just told me there was an error.

Either the settings need to be not saved when there is an error or it needs to be made clearer that the settings have now been saved even though there is an error.

Thanks @Lurch. I’ve logged this with our team to take a look.