Snail mail options

I need to send some invoices by snail mail but I need them to go to a specific contact (who is one of several contacts for the given company). My questions are -

  1. Is there a way I can make sure the invoices are directed to one of the contacts from the company in question?
  2. Can I send multiple invoices to the same company in one go - I mean will they be delivered together or will one invoice be placed in each envelope and the client will receive 20 envelopes for 20 invoices (not desirable).
  3. Can a statement be included also?

Any guidance appreciated.


Hi Sean,

Ill try and answer the questions for you:

  1. I believe you can amend the address while typing the letter (although I will check and confirm), so you can include a different name there. Edit: Yes, the address is editable when typing the letter
  2. Unfortunately this isn’t possible - it would be individual. Perhaps the email option would be better for this as you can direct them to contacts too?
  3. I’ll double check and come back to you. Edit: Yes, statements can also be sent by snail mail

If you go into invoices, statements etc and click Send, you will see the snailmail option

Thanks for the comprehensive reply. Unfortunately they need to be sent as a batch so I will need to find another solution (I notice imail themselves only accept 8 pages at a time), but thanks for clarifying the points above as it will be useful to know for the future.

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