Sole trader to Limited - account set up, invoices & data

Hi, I have read a number of sole trader to limited companies spots etc but I have a few more specific questions or clarifications please.

  1. Opening new account - I can’t seem to open a new account fro my limited company if I use the same email address as my sole trader account, it wants me to open an affinity account? I essentially transferring the business over to the new entity so the sole trader account will eventually close when I have made the full transition and my account has all eh info they want. How do I open an limited account using the same business email without getting charged for more accounts that I don’t need? As a ‘L’ customer, can I continue as that with the same cost as I transition? Will I be able to see my sole trader accounts even as a read only for a period of time?
  2. Moving data - I believe if I PM I can move Client and Supplier details over to new account, which is really helpful but can I also move my customised invoice, emails etc. e.g. logo’s, standard email wording etc. The invoice is a big one as I spend hours, maybe days (!!) designing the invoice and learning CSS to get it the way I really wanted, which I have now forgotten!! :wink:



Update - I have set up a new account by using another business email address but my questions about charging still stands and access to the sole trader accounts for a period of time. Can I simply transfer over my subscription to the new limited company account? Essentially it will have the same transactions and volume as the present sole trader account just under the new entity.

PS Please forgive my typo’s in my original post, I really must read it more fully before I post next time!!

The power user requirement is based on a rolling count of ledger entries over the last twelve months, so you wouldn’t initially need a sub for your new limited company account until it accumulates 1000 transactions within the last 12 months. But at the same time, now you’re no longer adding new transactions to your sole trader account its rolling 12 month count will gradually drop off over time until it falls below 1000 and no longer needs a subscription. So unless you specifically need any of the power user features right now you can hold off buying the subscription for the new account for a few months until it hits 1000, by which time hopefully your sole trader account will no longer require one.

Thanks Ian, that clarifies things, I don’t think I will need power user features. My only other query now is regarding the transfer of my invoice template etc. Cheers for that.

Hi @rnesbitt27

We certainly can transfer clients and their contacts, and suppliers. There’s currently no automated way to transfer the invoice templates etc., but it can be done manually.

Of course, we’re here to help, so if you do get stuck with anything, we can take a look for you.

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