Sole trader to Limited company & Affinity


I set-up an account and I set it up as a sole trader instead of a limited company. I read in one of the other forum questions that you were able to copy across the clients and suppliers, are you able to do this for me?
The company I need help with is account 6131437971.

Also, in an effort to try and get the company setup properly, I mistakenly set up an affinity account. I don’t need this and want to close it. I saw in another forum entry that you said it would just deactivate if I leave it alone. Is that how I should proceed, just leave it be and let it deactivate on it’s own? I don’t want to pay charges when I am not using it and created it only to try and go forward. There is nothing in it, other than the initial setup I did. The account number for the affinity is 1102400612.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Don’t worry about the Affinity account, you will not incur any charges. It’s empty anyway and will expire in 1 month.

To move the clients and suppliers across from one account to another I shall need to send you a private message to confirm some details. I will do this now.

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