Sorting "all purchases" list by previous selection

When listing “all purchases”, the purchases get sorted by date. However, when you enter many purchases at once, sorting by Invoice number is quite useful.
It would be good if you could either pre-select the column to sort by (date or invoice number or supplier…) and get this remembered, or if QF could remember your selection for the next time you click on “all purchases”. Descending (possibly ascending too) selection would also need to be defined.
We haven’t found a way to doing this so far, so we keep having to click twice on the invoice title to get it sorted as we want

Can you please consider?

Kind regards

Hi @guillaume.khw

Thank you for your suggestion. I’ll leave it open for others to comment.

For reference, we do already have one for issued invoices (here), but as this one is for supplier invoices, I’ll leave it separate

Hi, I agree it is almost the same feature request.
I can understand Glenn’s answer to some extent, but I would still very much appreciate this feature which is useful when bulk entering eg expenses from random times.