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Sorting invoices not working as expected

hi just on dashboard - invoice management .
when i click on the down arrow on invoice number i expected it to toggle between sort asc and sort desc
what i am getting on the sort desc is it sorts a block by asc then a bit further down it jumps down a number and then another block of asc num
can send pictures if it helps

Hi @roger2282

If you could send a screenshot that would be great

bit difficult to get on one image but 2nd image shows top part of page and 1st further down page when it jumps

Hi @roger2282

So you’re missing about 40 invoices in the sort?

yes i skipped down as they just keep rising. so first shows top of page , invoice ref keeps rising and then jumps down.
might have answer to problem just realised having hovered over the links for the invoice ref that they are sorting descending but by INVOICEID not invoice ref

think ref and invoice id are woking like this as we import the invoices in in blocks each week

Hi @roger2282

We did make a small change here recently, but we will roll this back and review it.

Thank you for letting us know.

no problem. probably not a problem for most as id and ref would increase similarly but we import in a block each week and have the highest invoice number at top of csv which obviously gets imported first. so id will increase as ref decreases.

Hi @roger2282

I believe this fix is now live. Would you mind checking your account and letting us know if that looks all OK for you, please?

perfect thank you

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