Sorting the Debtor Report

Not sure if this is a support issue or a feature request, but on the debtor report there are spin buttons on each column to allow it to be used to sort the data BUT …

If there is more than 1 page of data, the sort only applies to the data “on screen” but it looks like when you click the spin button it refetches the data set so you loose the additional data which has been loaded using “load more results”.

I guess its possible to export to excel and play with it there, but it would be REALLY useful to see who owes you the most money without having to check for each page individually

Hi @Scooby_7,

I have looked into this and can see what you mean. I have reported it to the Dev team for you

thanks - let me know if you need any further info from me

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Hi @Scooby_7

There have been some changes made so thee sort issue should be fixed now. Please could you let me know if you still have problems?

Thanks Beth - that looks to be fixed now


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