Specific notes and terms for a given client

I need two different invoices for two different types of products I sell, so I can put different wording on each. Is this possible, and if so, how do I go about it?
Any help would be appreciated!

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Can you be more specific as to how the invoices would differ? Different logos, layout? You mentioned “wordings” but you can already change the wording in the item names, descriptions, notes, payment terms etc.

hi Glen,
I have a cake business and I wanted to have an invoice and quote one for wedding cakes and an invoice and quote one for birthday cakes. I wanted different wording on these. The payments and terms are different for each. I would have to keep changing the wording over each time. If i had two different ones it would make it alot easier. Could I do this?

A default set of notes and payment terms at the moment can only be set at account level. We don’t have any client specific defaults unfortunately. It may be something we can look at in the future, for now I will convert this thread to a feature request and modify the title slightly so others can find it and add their vote.

Thanks Glenn for getting back to me…never mind I will just have to change it each time, but thankyou again!

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You can do this by creating template invoices for each product and leaving them as draft, change the invoice numbers for the draft invoices to 9991, 9992, 9993 etc and the date to 31/12/2008:

You can then use the draft invoices as templates by clicking ‘Sales’ from the top navigation menu to be taken to the ‘Invoice Management’ screen and making a copy of the draft template invoice i.e. #9991:

The fist time you make a copy of the draft template invoice, you will need to change the invoice number to the correct invoice number, after that the invoice numbers will increment correctly again:

The standard wording and payment terms should now appear each time you make a copy of one of the draft template invoices.

You can also use the above method to copy an existing invoice for say a Birthday Cake and simply modify the copied invoice for another client.


I vote for this too. It is the only part of Quick File that causes me pain at the moment. In other regards I am delighted with Quick File.

Thanks for the workaround Joe. That clearly works, but having customer specific terms would be so much more intuitive.

This would be a massive help to me too :slight_smile:

Hi @Chris_Thompson

With our Power User Subscription, you can enable multiple trading styles. Even if you’re trading as only one name, you could use this to set up different terms and conditions per trading style, which can then be set at client level.

If your account is in the L or XL category (you can check under Account Settings > Company Settings), you can already do this as the subscription is required (it’s under Account Settings > Design Customisation). Or a Power User Subscription can be purchased if you wish (under Help > Additional Services).

I hope that helps?