Speed up receipt tagging

Might it be possible to get rid of the green ‘tag next receipt button’ and just take people to the next receipt?

Perhaps the “are you sure you want to link this receipt” popup could have options “OK and go to next receipt” and “OK and go back to current receipt”.

Thank you for the suggestion…

It’s a plain vanilla browser popup, so unfortunately there’s only OK and Cancel options. That’s not to say we can’t write a custom dialogue for this but it would only be applicable to the scenario where you’re linking to something for which there’s already a purchase invoice. I guess this is what you’re doing a lot of?

I still think it’s necessary to have some sort of confirmation at the end. Some people only selective tag receipts single receipts and then return to the main list to see what else they have purchase invoice for.

I can ask a developer to review this and see if we can come up with a solution. Unfortunately I can’t promise anything we are working through a long list of feature requests right now.

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I’m with James on this one. I tend to upload several receipts at once and then tag all of them at the same time so it would be more convenient to just get passed from one to the next. For the people who only do one at a time then just have a ‘main screen’ button in the add purchase screen so you can just jump out of the process at any point. Same amount of clicks for the people who do one at a time, a lot less clicks for those of us who do multiple purchases at a time.

Regarding the 2nd point James raised, I had thought that this could be dropped as well as it’s just more clicking, I’ve already clicked several things to get this far, and again I do tend to sit down from time to time and tag several things at a time so maybe this could be an option to turn confirmations on or off? Can’t see any harm coming from turning them off, worst case is you assign it to something incorrectly and have to untag it.

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Thanks for the feedback, I think we’ll add an optional Fast Tag mode so that you can just skip these confirmations. I’ll get someone to look at this on Monday in more detail and report back.


@james, @Lurch We’ve just introduced a new check box in Account Settings >> Company Settings called Fast Tag Receipts. If you check this box then we will bypass the two confirmation messages mentioned in the original post.

For this update to take affect you need to come out of the Receipt Hub, apply the setting, then go back in again.

Hope that helps!