Split Bank Tagging - Allow Descriptions

Have purchased power user specifically to use this function. However basically rendered useless as cannot add new description for each line, so back to posting all to suspense and journal back out again!! defeating the object. Would be good if you could include feature as say Sage where you can have P&L & balance sheet reports which show movement in month, current month and year to date figures

We’re always happy to consider improvements based on user feedback. Most of the bank tagging functionality is based on the principle of convenience over detail. If we overload parts of the bank tagging system it becomes a bit self-defeating as you need to complete a lot of extra fields before you can submit, which doesn’t suit everyone.

The split tagging effectively just creates a journal, so once tagged you can drill down on it and modify the details as required.

We can look at adding descriptions inline but we’d rather get the support for this from more users before adding this functionality. For now I’ve converted this to a feature request and we will track any interest.

I think to be able to provide a description for each split transaction is essential. However I think it’s more essential when splitting sales invoice receipts.

On a slightly different note, Do you think you will be implementing splitting transactions I.e sales receipts from different customers lumped as single payment.
This usually happens when clients pay by card and the card company pay single amount to you each day or when one deposit is made at the bank for cash/cheque received from clients.


@ntlworld I’m pleased to say that this has now been implemented. You can now enter a description per line for split bank tagging.

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