Split order lead to different split payments - How to handle

I purchased equipment and paid up front via a BACS transfer which is logged on my online banking.

The supplier then notified me that the quantity of what I wanted wasn’t available, so we agreed to have the first batch sent ahead and then the remaining would follow. An invoice was sent for the smaller amount even though I had paid for the entire order.

Subsequently, by the time the second batch was being prepared there was a follow up order that was appended to it. The second invoice now contains the latter half of the first order plus the contents of the new one.

The BACS payment only reflects the two outgoing transactions. Whilst the invoices are for different amounts.

What is the best way to handle this situation?

Hi @Skydivenow

Are you paying using BACS or a bank transfer, e.g. does a bulk payment leave your account for multiple suppliers, or just one transfer per supplier?

If it’s the bulk payment (via BACS), then you may wish to take a look at this topic to set up an easy way to record BACS payments. If it’s multiple payments, I’d just record them as they happen in your current account on QuickFile.

I just want to be sure I understand your example, so please correct me if I’m wrong -

  1. You ordered, let’s say £150.00 worth of items from your supplier and paid the £150.00.
  2. You were notified that your quantity wasn’t available, so you then settled with an order of £100.00 worth of items, with the remaining £50.00 worth to follow.
  3. The following £50.00 worth of items arrived (which have already been paid for), but came with another order too, so was actually £75.00 not £50.00, which meant you had to pay a further £25.00

Is that correct?