Split reverse charge purchase invoice

I have a supplier who acts as a wholesaler for services from several underlying providers and they invoice me monthly - one of the underlying providers is VAT registered in another EU country so the invoice I receive from them is mostly inclusive of VAT but with a small element of reverse charged VAT.

I can’t see a way to apply reverse charge on a single line item, it seems to be either on the entire invoice or not at all. Is there a way to do this, or would I need to create two purchase invoices for every invoice received from this supplier?

Hi @Mark_Manning

At this time it’s not possible to split the invoice. Although I’m not sure how common this scenario would be?

For now, you would need to create 2 separate purchase invoices.

Okay, I’ll carry on for now. I’ve actually asked my accountant whether they should be doing this, because if not I’ll go back to them. Thanks.

Yeah, it does sound a bit odd to me - surely the wholesaler should be the one dealing with the reverse-charging when they buy the service from the underlying supplier, and then charge it out to you at normal UK VAT.

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