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Splitting sales nominal codes - updating previous invoices


Hi There.

We’re looking at splitting our nominal codes down a little for general sales.

Is it possible to retrospectively go through this years invoices and change them to the new categories?

Is that going to cause any issues?

Thanks in advance.


Hi @bigfootnetworks

Providing the invoice isn’t locked (due to a VAT return or year end lock), then yes, it’s possible to do this manually, but there’s no automatic way of doing it unfortunately.

It shouldn’t providing everything is kept within the 4000-4999 range They would still be assigned to sales nominal, so the most it would do is alter your chart of accounts and other reports (e.g. show them separately rather than grouped).


Great. Thanks for this.
Would you recommend waiting until year end to implement this?


I don’t think it would really make much difference really. Although personally, I would wait until year end, simply because of reporting.

If you did it mid-year, then your reporting would show some sales apportioned to “General Sales”, and other sales to your new nominals, which could throw you off a little.


I would like to do this too. Can you advise how this can be achieved?


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