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Splitting transactions

I’m a new QuickFile user and still getting to grips with everything.
I am using bank feeds and am gradually going through and tagging all the entries with the appropriate codes.
I am currently looking at sales and as an example I have an online order from someone in Spain (we are in the UK). She ordered both a download and also some CDs in the same order.
I usually click on Tag Me, then Payment from a Customer and then ‘Create a new invoice for this receipt’. However, this doesn’t give me an option to split the transaction into 2 nominal accounts e.g. Downloads and CDs (that I have created), especially as the first has no VAT (overseas downloads) and the second (CDs) does. I am not sure what to do.
I can see that if I choose ‘Something else not on this list’ I can split the transaction but I can’t record any VAT.
I hope I am missing something obvious!
Can you please advise?
Best wishes
Tim Chalice

Hi @thenakedvoice

In this instance you may be best to create the invoice first - Sales >> Create new invoice Then once the invoice is created (leave it as unpaid) you can then go back to your bank account/feed and tag the payment to the invoice. The invoice should be picked up automatically for you to choose

Thanks that makes sense.
I have just created a new invoice and it says DRAFT and isn’t available to tag. I assume the 2 things are related. Can you advise further please?

At the top of the invoice you will have to flag it as sent so that it shows as saved - Once it is showing as Saved it will be available to tag :slight_smile:

Thank you very much :slightly_smiling_face:
I have another question but will post it separately as it is a different topic.

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